About Transcript Manager

There are 3 basic screen to the Transcript Manager App.

Main Screen:
Screen that shows you all the transcripts you’ve entered, listed chronologically by due date, and showing how many pages remain to be scoped;

5.5-Inch Display iPhone Case List

Tap on one of the transcripts, and the next screen has all the dates of proceedings for that transcript, with no limit to how many entries there can be – perfect for a long trial;

5.5-Inch Display iPhone Detail of Red Riding Hood

The calendar screen shows you how many pages you’ll need to scope in order to complete each transcript on time. When you open Transcript Manager for the first time, you will be able to select which days of the week you normally don’t work, and those can be changed at any time. Also, on the calendar screen, you can tap an individual day if you want to change its status from a day you will be working to a day off. Then all the numbers will update so you know what your workload will be like with that change.

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